Requesting Support/problem found

maurizio.malavolta maurizio.malavolta at
Fri Nov 27 16:38:40 EST 2009

Good evening.

I found a problem a week ago using pidgin. I use only with MSN protocol 
and worked well for a lot of time, but now i found these problem:

- Every time i start Pidgin and it connects, i must re-enter my Alias, 
becuase every time i start the program i found my Alias with my first name;
- On the contact list, every time i start it, the saved aliases put on 
my contacts vanish, so i see only the original emil (like 
aaaabbb at, until they connect again;
- Some contact cannot send me messages because the server said that is 
impossible to send message.

I have port forwarding problem? Or is only a problem caused by hotmail's 

Waiting an answer, thank you for making such a good program!


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