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Fri Nov 27 08:52:51 EST 2009

at 2009-11-27T00:36-0800, Evan platt wrote:
> And, require someone to join the list prior to posting.

We have worked hard to prevent requiring this.  I do not believe we
want to require subscription for users to ask simple questions.

> I recall a month of two ago someone was under the assumption his
> questions for help were sent securely to a few 'high level developers'

We cannot optimize for freakish one-off circumstances.  This has even
happened a few times ... but who cares?

I'm leaving the rest of this thread behind.  Arguing about details of
things that don't happen and don't matter is just going to cause other
people to complain about this list in one way or another.  I
anticipate at least one response to this thread saying, "I signed up
for this list expecting it to be support, and it's a bunch of people
crying about email".  ;-)


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