Licq History converter to Pidgin Logs

Johann Glaser Johann.Glaser at
Sun Nov 8 17:44:16 EST 2009


Am Sonntag, den 08.11.2009, 14:56 -0600 schrieb Richard Laager:
> On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 21:03 +0100, Johann Glaser wrote:
> > Is it true that in this case every added contact requires a new
> > confirmation of "acceptance" by him?
> I'm not sure. I don't think I've touched that part of the code. You'll
> just have to look and see, or wait for someone else to jump in with an
> answer. 

Some time ago I tried to add a user which was in the Licq-client-list to
Pidgin (which used the server list). At this time a new authorization
request was necessary. I guess the ICQ servers require this
authorization if you add a user to the server-list.

> > Why does Pidgin at all silently (at least for 99% of all users, who
> > don't read the output of --debug) delete buddies?
> AFAIK, it's *respecting* the list from the server. This ensures that if
> someone makes changes using another client (possibly on another
> machine), their changes are reflected in Pidgin. I think our MSN plugin
> still prompts users for any discrepancies.
> FWIW, your same "99% of all users" aren't going to be manually editing
> the blist.xml file. ;)

Hehe, yes. The changed-by-other-client reason was clear. But what if due
to another reason some users vanish? Hmm, probably ICQ clients now
always rely on the server list.


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