Licq History converter to Pidgin Logs

Johann Glaser Johann.Glaser at
Sat Nov 7 10:43:28 EST 2009


I've developed a little script which converts the Licq history to Pidgin
(i.e. Purple) logs. Please find it attached. Save it to a directory and
make it executable by
  chmod u+x licq2pidgin.php 

The script uses the PHP command line interpreter and automatically scans
the logs of Licq. Then it compares the Licq users with the buddies known
by Pidgin and gives warnings. A new blist.xml.FromLicq file is created
which contains the "new" buddies.

Then the Licq logs are converted and put to the appropriate Pidgin log
directories. Since the Licq logs are one file per user and Pidgin uses
one file per user _per_conversion_, this split-up is performed if the
two messages are more than 8 hours apart.

A problem remains: The added buddies are removed by Pidgin upon the next
start. The debug output says:
  oscar: ssi: syncing local list and server list
  oscar: ssi: removing buddy 123456789 from local list
  oscar: ssi: activating server-stored buddy list


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