File transfer error from Windows version 2.6.2 to Mac iChat client...

Ryan Kish, AEC Software rkish at
Wed Nov 4 15:01:14 EST 2009

Hello -

I continue to have a problem sending files to a colleague using iChat on the
Mac. I am able to insert and send an "image" inline, however, I cannot
successfully send a "file." Upon trying to transfer a file, I immediately
get a "file transfer to ___ failed" error "___ cancelled the transfer of ___

I am, however, able to receive inline images and files from the colleague
using iChat.

I'm using the Windows version of Pidgin, version 2.6.2. I have it set as an
XMPP account and my file transfer proxies setting is:
(which, I believe is the default).

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to jettison
AIM, but need it still to be able to transfer files due to this problem

Ryan Kish

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