Pidgin and Sametime 8

Jason Mullins jason68 at
Thu Mar 26 07:06:01 EDT 2009

I work in a Lotus environment with Sametime and Notes , so I'm trying
to use Pidgin as a replacement client for Sametime (and my other IM

Once installed it works well, but it doesn't update my Sametime
buddies (which are mostly managed from Notes and Sametime). The
buddies were loaded once (on configuring the Sametime account) but
have not updated since. Seeing as I've had to completely re-build my
buddy folders due to re-orgs that leaves me with a very out of date
Pidgin buddy list.

Is there a way to force Pidgin to keep it's buddies synched with the
Sametime server?

The Sametime buddies are definitely server side...



Jason Mullins - London - UK

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