Bonjour Problems

Chris Hearns chearns at
Wed Mar 25 17:26:28 EDT 2009

We planned on pre-configuring all logins with auto launch so the user
should never be touching the username so bob should be bob.  However the
problem exists of not working properly when moving then into groups.  If
anyone has a patch or know of what that corrects this please email.

Thanks for all your help thus far.

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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 5:04 PM, Chris Hearns <chearns at> wrote:
> If I put the user back in the bonjour group and reopen pidgin; it
> sees the user online.
> I can't just have 50 users in the bonjour group.
> Any idea what is going wrong.

Which version of Pidgin are you using?

As far as I know, this should work correctly (with the caveat that
Richard was referring to where you're not guaranteed that "Bob" is
always the same person).


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