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Wed Mar 18 22:04:19 EDT 2009

I'm passing this email on to our support mailing list in hopes that someone
there will have better answers than I do.

In the future, please send e-mails to support at instead of directly to
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Braden wrote:
> hey,
> i found a minor bug in pidgin:
> if you have a contact set to "show when offline" they keep
> disappearing from your buddy list when you restart the computer
> i think its when you restart your computer, not %100 sure.
> if they have disappeared you can
> check show all ofline friends
> then uncheck show all offline friends
> and then all of your "show while offline" contacts will appear on your
> buddy list
> a bigger bug:
> i blocked a contact but i could still recieve message from them
> we were both signed in to MSN accounts
> i am using pidgin 2.5.5 he is using MSN live
> one more thing:
> is their any reason that MSN takes so long to connect when XMPP and
> Yahoo are nearly instant?
> is this a pidgin problem or a problem with the MSN network?

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