skype and video/audio

Geoffrey Lane freeballer at
Mon Mar 9 15:47:58 EDT 2009

don't expect a skype protocol in anything besides the "commercial sype
product, even if 99% of the code was released tomorrow most open
source would prob still stay away from it + skype will not release
100% of its code. For video and audio, will all due respect because I
HAVE been using this since 0.9x gaim but dev really need a step up in
effords to get working. I know its not child's play, I know we're at
least talking msn,yahoo, prob gtalk.. and maybee its a matter of
manpower but I've sorta given up in ever seeing it, or a beta to help
test, being released.

Send in the flame messages but this is my opinion and fustration on
this project and I think we need video/audio (even if beta support) in
v3.. I'm not saying to be ignorant but I do speak my mind.


Bill Gates can't guarantee Windows, how are you gonna guarantee my safety..
--John Crichton - Farscape

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