New mail pop up

Anthony Smith ahs at
Mon Mar 30 09:28:13 EDT 2009

Latest pidgin version under Windows, MSN and XMPP. Is it possible for
a pop up to be displayed when a new email arrives. Although Pidgin
knows about new email on my XMPP (Google account), it does not
indicate new email to me in the same way as the GMAIL client does. I
would like to recommend Pidgin as a solution to my colleagues but I
know that they find this feature very useful and it would be a "show
stopper" to Pidgin acceptance. Any suggestions our pointers will be
gratefully received.

Best Regards, Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Recuerdos, Diolch yn fawr, Met
vriendelijke groeten, Cordiali saluti, Cordialement,

Anthony Smith

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