Pidgin/Facebook/Chrome issue

Kevin Stange kstange at
Sun Mar 29 20:10:26 EDT 2009

Janine Starykowicz wrote:
> I'm using the Facebook plugin for Pidgin, works great, especially since 
> I switched to Snarl for notifications.  I recently switched to using 
> Chrome for Facebook because it is so much faster and I don't get any 
> error popups.  However, when a Facebook contact messages me while I am 
> viewing a Facebook tab, the message also comes up from the bottom 
> toolbar.  It goes away when I click the x, but comes back when I or the 
> other person send a message.  This does not happen in Seamonkey or 
> Firefox, the little boxes stay minimized to the toolbar.

The Facebook plugin is unofficial and not supported by us, however it
sounds like you're talking about something that's unrelated to both
Pidgin and that plugin.  If you need help with the facebook plugin for
Pidgin, please check their support resources:

If you're talking about something else, and you're sure it's related to
Pidgin, please clarify.  The only thing I know of called Chrome is the
UI stuff from Mozilla products.


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