Ticket #7366 again?

Ka-Hing Cheung khc at pidgin.im
Sun Mar 29 18:25:16 EDT 2009

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 11:28:18AM +0100, Francesco Segato wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using Pidgin 2.5.5 under Windows XP SP3.
> It looks like an old defect has come back since a few days (first
> noted on Feb 26) when using MSN:
> http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/7366
> The defect can be seen both with 2.5.4 and 2.5.5 versions, either with
> default language (italian) and with english (set PIDGINLANG=en
> environment variable).
> I can send debug traces if needed, just need to clean them out from
> personal names and addresses before.

Please do.


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