Bonjour Problems

Chris Hearns chearns at
Wed Mar 25 17:04:44 EDT 2009

I want to deploy pidgin on our local network.  I plan on having 50 users
in 8 different departments.


I am going to use Bonjour but I have having one issue when testing.




I set up 2 computers with pidgin and created a bonjour username, etc.  


Pidgin shows the bonjour user and I can chat between both fine.


Each user is in the default "bonjour group".


I then create a new group "dept 1"


I move the user listed under 'bonjour" group to the "dept 1" group


Everything is fine.  Can still chat to user and is still online.


Once I close either instance of pidgin and reopen "user stays offline" 


If I put the user back in the bonjour group and reopen pidgin; it
correctly sees the user online.


I can't just have 50 users in the bonjour group.


Any idea what is going wrong.


Please help!!

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