John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Mar 25 00:47:41 EDT 2009

Molnár Krisztián wrote:
> Hello,
> I just started using Pidgin and found a bug. If I wanted to change the
> font type to Rockwell from the chat window, the program quits! Any time.
> I did not try all of the fonts.
> I hope I helped!
> Regards,
> Krisztian Molnar
> Hungary

This report should really have gone to the support mailing list instead of
directly to a developer.  That said, I'm going to bet that you're using Windows
and using a version of Pidgin older than 2.5.5.  There are some known
cairo-related crashes in the GTK+ runtimes we ship with older versions that have
been fixed in the version bundled with Pidgin 2.5.5.


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