Help Getting Connected

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Fri Mar 20 03:44:05 EDT 2009


forthemame schrieb:
> Please note that Derek and I are still awaiting further review for our
> severely devastating issue at hand.

Well, Kevin pointed out, how to completely uninstall Pidgin and get rid
of the old preferences. Did you do this and reinstall Pidgin? What was
the effect?

Apart from that, no one can really help you, with that "much" details.
Most probably this has something to do with a router / firewall /
operating system configuration. You need to compare the failing machine
with the non-failing ones and list EVERY difference you can find.

You may also use ping and traceroute to investigate possible network
problems as well.


PS: In general you might get more answers, if you follow these three
3. Use a reasonable email-client which allows you to send plain text
emails and get rid of these html-mails.

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