emoticons not showing

AnagraM anagram at glossolalie.be
Thu Mar 19 13:19:31 EDT 2009


I've recently discovered that most of my emotes don't show in pigdin.
I'm using pigdin portable, latest update (2.5.5).
I used 3 different accounts (msn, yahoo and googlemail), but mostly msn.
I've discovered that what I thought was not implemented was in fact just 
not working.
When using most of my emotes, they don't show in conversations. I can 
see a couple of emotes, the most classics :) :( ... but the others are 
not showing, only the shortcut is showing up.
I've been looking around on the internet for the last couple of days, 
and didn't find anything about that.

I've checked the in the default emote directory (default emotes are 
activated). The theme file do content all the shortcuts, and the 
directory also has all the icons in png format. They appear just fine in 
an image browser.
When trying for example to use the "devil" emote, typing (6) shows for 
me (6) when the person I'm talking with on msn sees the devil icon.

I've also tried to add personnal emotes (ctrl+Y window), and they don't 
work either. When browsing my portable apps folders, in the .purple 
folder, the custom smiley folder contains all the emotes i've added, and 
the smiley.xml file shows the shortcuts and names of the files.
But when typing the shortcuts, only the shortcut shows for me and the 
person I'm talking to.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?

Thanks !

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