Pidgin - MSN - Proxy

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Wed Mar 18 13:37:17 EDT 2009


Tiago.Francisco.Abreu at schrieb:
> At my work I installed Pidgin in Windows v.2.5.5. My company use a proxy.
> I successfully configured gmail following same information on the web.
> But I can't make MSN work. However I can make Windows Live Messenger v8.1
> work.
> Can someone help me?
That depends on the actual problem, maybe only your network admin can 
help you.

In case you're company uses a (manually configured) proxy for HTTP(S) 
traffic over ports 80 and 443 (and blocks directly connecting without 
using the proxy within the firewall), but does not require a proxy for 
the rest of outgoing connections, then the problem is the following:
MSN uses two connections, one over port 80 and one over 1863 iirc.

So if you configure a proxy server within Pidgin, access over 1863 
fails, due to the Proxy not being accepting connections for that port 
and if you don't, connections to port 80 are blocked by the firewall.

At my company this issue has been solved as the proxy is now a 
transparent proxy, no need to configure it manually anymore. So I do not 
know of a solution, apart changing the network infrastructure.


PS: I remember there was a patch floating around somewhere, but I never 
bothered to try it and compile Pidgin myself.

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