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Mon Mar 16 18:31:47 EDT 2009

Hi all,
I just tried Pidgin out for the first time on my work computer and enjoyed it enough to convert from Trillian for my personal desktop.

When installing on my desktop, I got an error message that roughly stated, "Unable to connect to server" when trying to install the English aspell feature.  After clicking "retry" several times, I finally decided to just skip that feature by clicking "cancel".

Pidgin finished installing, began running, and asked for my account details.  I setup AIM, Yahoo and MSN, but surprisingly all 3 of them could not connect.

Please note that there were no other programs running besides Pidgin.  Also, there was no firewall (windows or otherwise) running either.  I tried running it both behind my router as well as directly connected to my cable modem.

After failing with all the configurations above, I booted up my work laptop and successfully connected with Pidgin immediately.  For whatever reason, only my desktop is affected.

I tried reinstalling Pidgin about 10 times, each with the same aspell connection issue during install, as well as the account sign in issues when running Pidgin.  I installed the GTK version Pidgin came with, so I don't believe that's a potential pitfall.

Any help is much appreciated.  I searched for information on this issue without any success.

Windows XP, SP2.


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