Wierdnesses with AOL network

Daniel Sackett dsackett at newsdata.com
Fri Mar 13 18:20:15 EDT 2009


I've been experiencing odd connection problems with cohorts on an AOL 
account: buddy lists are slow to show up, buddies I know are online not 
showing up in my buddy list, messages not getting through or, as happened 
earlier today, I sent a message which was received, but the recipient told me 
that I appeared offline--even though we were trading messages.

This kind of intermittent connectivity happened before once, also on a 
Friday, which is day of heavy use in our small office. I figured it was an 
intermittent AOL problem; now I'm not so sure. 

Does anyone else know if AOL's IM network is having problems these days 
or if these kinds of issues can be ascribed to another kind of problem?

I've running Pidgin 2.3.1.



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