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Fri Mar 13 16:21:18 EDT 2009

Dear Pidgin developers!

At first sorry for my poor English language.
I like the open source and free softwares, so secondly I want to suggest You something important. Perhaps You know this, but I think it's better to write it than not.
My suggestion is the next:

There are a lot of IM client software on the Internet. One of the best is the Pidgin.
But now there isn's any IM client what can handle e-mail too. (Similar to the Mozilla Thunderbird, and so on.) As far as I know the Pidgin can't do it also.
My suggestion is that You should develope the Pidgin on that way. It would be very usefull ability for the Pidgin to be able to handle emails too.
With this ability the Pidgin would be the first IM on the world and could be more known. And that could be cause to overstrip the non-free IM's (like Live Messanger, etc.)
It would be very usefull not only the Pidgin than the Open source too.

I can't program any software, so it was only my dinkey suggestion for You.
That will be Your decision to accept or not. It wil be Your decision that open source will improve on the Internet or the non-free softwares overtrip You...

Yours faithfully

Janos Marton
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