"Crash" whilst changing (CJK?) font on Windows Vista (was: Bugs report)

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Tue Jun 30 03:17:39 EDT 2009

fan feng wrote:
> Pidgin v2.5.8 on vista sp2, qq 2005 protocol, Pidgin itself crashed.
> In chat window,edit font.

Was it installed from source or binary?

When it crashes:

- do all Pidgin Windows disappear?  If not, according to task manager, 
how many CPUs worth of processing power is Pidgin still using?

- is an error message displayed?  If so, what, exactly?

- is there anything written to the event log?

I assume you are using a Chinese font.  Does it crash for a Western font?

I don't have Vista and I'm not familiar with the debugging support for 
Pidgin on Vista, but if it crashes or freezes, on XP, it ought to be 
possible to obtain DrWatson output, or a minidump, that might be useful. 
  (I'm assuming you are not a software developer.)

If it exits normally, but abruptly, I would expect it to write something 
to the event log, or to its own log.

(I'm not going to be able to debug this myself; I'm just trying to get 
the information that someone else will need to do that.)

David Woolley
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