Finch: questions on development, usage, etc

Daniel pidgin-im at
Tue Jun 23 14:43:44 EDT 2009

Thanks for the quick response :)

I get a message from user X. I was afk at the time, and the computer 
crashed. I haven't spoken to X in a long time, but the message was of 
high interest. centerim had the nice effect of knowing that I had read a
message or not, and it would simply redisplay messages that were unread
on restart.

Does finch allow this?

rest is inline

> > 1. Is it being actively developed? Are new features being added etc.
> > 
> Yes!

Awesome. Great work :)

> > 3. Can I rename a contact in the buddy list? Try as I may, I can't seem
> > to remember the ICQ UIN's for all my friends :)
> Use the context menu (ctrl+x).

That works! Please update the man-page. Context menu is only listed as
F11 there.

> > 4. I'm using osx, and I can't seem to get any of the windows to have
> > menues as invoked by Ctrl+o. What windows should I expect to have menus?
> > This is the same for F11.
> The buddylist and the conversation windows have menus. I don't know why
> Ctrl+o or F10 (those are the default key-bindings, not F11) don't work.
> Try binding some other key for the 'show-menu' action on windows (read
> the manpage to see how).

The reason they didn't work was because osx was capturing the keys and
using them for other things. I had to disable it in expose (I just found
out how)

> > 5. Since I can't get window menues etc, I don't know if this is
> > possible, but how I can I access the logs for a chat window?
> Yes, from the menu of the window! If you have the chat in the buddylist,
> then also from its context menu.

ok, so here's a question about this. Is it possible to have all the
previous conversation in the chat window when I open it? I know the logs
can get really large, especially if they're all put together, but it
would eliminate the need for special history. Also, it should be
possible to only load the bit that currently shows, and page it?

> > 6. To whom, or where can I direct feature requests?


And here's another question all together. After I do a search in my
contact list, I see the results, but I can't seem to select my result.
How can I do this?

> > 
> > Finch is a really nice console client. I'm looking forward to having
> > this issues resolved so I can start using it in ernest!
> Excellent!

I feel like I'm 95% there now :)

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