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Thank you for your direction! I guess it's the Yahoo problem. Filezilla stopped working at about the same time - but different issues, I guess. Google IM seems to be working fine! 

Thank you, 

- Jackie 

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> Thanks for the assistance, Brian! 

I'm posting this to the pidgin support list, you obviously replied to me 
direct in error. 

> I 'm on Fedora 7, using 2.4.1-1.fc7, and connecting to Yahoo IM. 

Then you need to follow the instructions here: 

and once you have the .repo file installed then do a "yum update 
pidgin" and that should fix it. 

Yahoo doesn't work because the protocol has been changed. You're also 
running a very old Pidgin version. Not to mention a very old Fedora 
version too. 


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