Pidge locks up on changing sound settings

Joshua Tarplin jltarplin at
Sat Jun 20 08:05:52 EDT 2009

I've been using Pidgin 2.5.1 on OpenSuSE 11.1 quite successfully for a while now, but recently noticed a problem when configuring the sounds in the Config menu.

If I click on any of the sound events (Buddy Enters Room, etc.) and then click on Preview, the entire program locks up, and I have to wait until the program reports a crash; I'm able to close the app and re-start it.  Then if I try again to preview any sound settings, it locks up again.

Am I doing something wrong?  I was considering un-installing Pidgin and then re-installing it, but wanted to check first to see if there are any known bugs with this version.

Much thanks...

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