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Sat Jun 20 07:42:47 EDT 2009

On Fr, 2009-06-19 19:54 Janine Starykowicz <jrstark at>
> Mine lets me set status by provider, I think it is one of the options
> in the Purple Plugin Pack:
It is called MyStatusbox

> Lennart Sieg wrote:
> > Firstly I can't find any option to disable the groups generally.
> > Maybe I am blind. However I searched it for weeks every now and
> > then. I actually never used the groups in the past so my contacs
> > are very unsorted now. If the list is alphabetical and divides
> > between online and offline contacts I am totally glad. Groups are
> > overestimated.
You could delete all groups but one and put all buddies in that group

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