Can't connect to Yahoo??

Art Greenberg artg at
Fri Jun 19 09:51:18 EDT 2009

New this morning - I am unable to connect to Yahoo with Pidgin 2.5.6. I 
can connect OK using the "official" Yahoo IM application.

With the Pidgin debug window enabled, I disable my Yahoo account then 
enable it.  Here is the relevant info:

(09:49:54) account: Connecting to account wa2lln
(09:49:54) connection: Connecting. gc = 021EEB70
(09:49:54) util: Writing file C:\Documents and Settings\artg\Application 
(09:49:54) yahoo: Calculated buddy icon checksum: 940782338(09:49:54) 
yahoo: buddy icon is up to date. Not reuploading.
(09:49:54) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for
(09:49:54) dnsquery: IP resolved for
(09:49:54) proxy: Attempting connection to
(09:49:54) proxy: Connecting to with no proxy
(09:49:54) proxy: Connection in progress
(09:49:55) proxy: Connecting to
(09:49:55) yahoo: 97 bytes to read, rxlen is 117
(09:49:55) yahoo: Yahoo Service: 0x57 Status: 1
(09:49:55) yahoo: yahoo status: 12

Pidgin just sits there, apparently waiting forever to complete the 

Art Greenberg
artg at

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