Initiate Conference Error

Estine de Villiers estined at
Wed Jun 17 06:46:26 EDT 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm initiating four conferences every morning. Some time during the day, for
some reason the name of the conferences are in brackets and I can't invite
people to this room anymore. I also can't send messages. Please help me

Why is it that even after I invite people to groups, that in some cases they
don't see each other in the list and therefore not receiving the other's

Also, please tell me how to create the chat groups where I can put in the
names of the groups? I googled the steps and tried it, I go to Add Chat and
follow the steps, but it gets stuck when I double click on the group after I
created a Chat Room.

Kind Regards,

Estine de Villiers

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