Buddy List

Janine Starykowicz jrstark at barntowire.com
Tue Jun 9 19:46:53 EDT 2009

You need to set up accounts at any of the others before you can connect 
to them. Pidgin lets you talk to people at all providers, but you need 
an account there first. Then you tell Pidgin your account info, and you 
can add those buddies.


Dawn and Art Zarate wrote:
> I’m trying to add buddies using a different application (such as AIM) 
> other than Yahoo which is where I have my account, but it keeps 
> telling me I cannot add them to my list. It seems I can only add 
> buddies that are also on Yahoo…why is this happening? When I was told 
> to use this program from a friend, he stated the convenience was that 
> you can chat with people that are on different applications and not 
> just Yahoo. What am I doing wrong?

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