Moving Buddies from one group to other

Kevin Stange kstange at
Mon Jun 29 02:12:02 EDT 2009

anand arun wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Leaving out devel at from the mail chain. I have already tried the method
> you suggested and mentioned the problem with that in previous mail. The buddy
> moves back to the original group after logging in and logging out. I checked with
> some of my colleagues and they are also having this issue.

Which protocols are exhibiting this problem?  Generally this type of
problem is caused by a disagreement between the server and the client as
to which group a buddy is supposed to be in.  Most of the time, our
plugins assume the server is right, which would suggest that dragging
the buddy is not correctly updating the server.  Since each protocol
does this in a different way, we'll need to know which you're having
trouble with.


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