Language changing problem in version 2.5.7

KangWansik wskang2 at
Wed Jun 24 21:13:04 EDT 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,


I have been using Pidgin IM so far well.

Some weeks ago I also experienced the problem of Yahoo IM.

Then I installed your current version 2.5.7(Korean) after uninstalling the previous one.

However, this doesn't be operated under the Korean languge system.

My OS is Window xp SE Korean edition. 

I tried to find the solution to change English default of Pidgin to Korean language viewing but failed.

Could you help me for it?

Because of different character of letter system, it is very inconvenient for writing and sending messages when I type the Korean letter in the message box.


Thank in advance for your kind reply.



from Seoul, Korea

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