Janine Starykowicz jrstark at
Fri Jun 19 20:54:40 EDT 2009

Mine lets me set status by provider, I think it is one of the options in 
the Purple Plugin Pack:

Here's a list of other plugins:


Lennart Sieg wrote:
> Hey!
> First I have to say that I am a former MirandaIM User when I had a 
> WIN32 machine and I was happy about it. Now I use Pidgin on a Xubuntu 
> machine and it makes me as happy as MirandaIM. Actually it is even 
> better and makes me happier because Pidgin is easier to use and to set 
> up than MirandaIM.
> However there are some functions that MirandaIM has but that I can't 
> find or miss when is use Pidgin.
> Firstly I can't find any option to disable the groups generally. Maybe 
> I am blind. However I searched it for weeks every now and then. I 
> actually never used the groups in the past so my contacs are very 
> unsorted now. If the list is alphabetical and divides between online 
> and offline contacts I am totally glad. Groups are overestimated.
> Secondly MirandaIM is able to set differnt away stati (btw is this 
> plural form right? I am German and we decline the Latin way ^^) for 
> the different protocols. I miss this too because traditionally I get 
> more spammed on ICQ than on MSN. So I like to be invisible on ICQ 
> while it is annoing on MSN since you can't write messages on MSN while 
> you are invisible. Actually that is more a problem of the MSN protocol 
> but Bill Gates wouldn't listen to me. So you must ;).
> with best regards and thank you for your patience ,
> Lennart

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