Lennart Sieg l_sieg at
Fri Jun 19 18:04:21 EDT 2009

First I have to say that I am a former MirandaIM User when I had a WIN32 
machine and I was happy about it. Now I use Pidgin on a Xubuntu machine 
and it makes me as happy as MirandaIM. Actually it is even better and 
makes me happier because Pidgin is easier to use and to set up than 

However there are some functions that MirandaIM has but that I can't 
find or miss when is use Pidgin.

Firstly I can't find any option to disable the groups generally. Maybe I 
am blind. However I searched it for weeks every now and then. I actually 
never used the groups in the past so my contacs are very unsorted now. 
If the list is alphabetical and divides between online and offline 
contacts I am totally glad. Groups are overestimated.

Secondly MirandaIM is able to set differnt away stati (btw is this 
plural form right? I am German and we decline the Latin way ^^) for the 
different protocols. I miss this too because traditionally I get more 
spammed on ICQ than on MSN. So I like to be invisible on ICQ while it is 
annoing on MSN since you can't write messages on MSN while you are 
invisible. Actually that is more a problem of the MSN protocol but Bill 
Gates wouldn't listen to me. So you must ;).

with best regards and thank you for your patience ,

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