Pidgin - QQ Protocal Issue Again

Mark Wen mark.wen.1997 at
Thu Jun 18 01:38:32 EDT 2009

Dear Sir or Madam,

How do you do?

I am writing this email to report a QQ protocal issue in Pidgin 2.5.6 I am
using: it was working fine a few day ago. But now, when trying to login any
QQ account, it always fails, and the message says "Your QQ version is
outdated. Please download the lastest QQ client and try again."

I know it's not a Pidgin problem. The company Tencent (which is behind QQ)
is too aggressive. Actually it wants users to download their client software
to use QQ.

What I wonder is, is there any way to work around this issue in the next
version of Pidgin?

Thanks so much.

An avid Pidgin user,
Mark Wen
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