Pidgin support for "Environmental Settings" for proxy configuration

Bart Teekman bart.teekman at
Wed Jun 17 21:19:52 EDT 2009


On the network tab I set the Proxy Type to "Use Environmental Settings". Our
proxy requires authentication and for other applications (such as Firefox)
the software is able to connect to the proxy using my signed in windows
credentials, but Pidgin does not do this meaning outbound connections are

A copy of the debug is shown below:

12:55:39) *account:* Connecting to account <account>
(12:55:39) *connection:* Connecting. gc = 01B230A0
(12:55:39) *wpurple:* winhttp.dll not already loaded; loading it...
(12:55:39) *wpurple:* This version of winhttp.dll contains
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Windows Proxy Settings: HTTP proxy: '<our proxy
server:port snipped>'.
(12:55:39) *dnsquery:* Performing DNS lookup for <our proxy server>
(12:55:39) *prefs:* /pidgin/blist/width changed, scheduling save.
(12:55:39) *prefs:* /pidgin/blist/height changed, scheduling save.
(12:55:39) *dnsquery:* IP resolved for <our proxy server>
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Attempting connection to <the right IP address for our
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Connecting to via <our proxy:port>
using HTTP
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Connection in progress
(12:55:39) *prefs:* /pidgin/blist/width changed, scheduling save.
(12:55:39) *prefs:* /pidgin/blist/height changed, scheduling save.
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Connected to
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Using CONNECT tunneling for
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Proxy server replied with:
HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required
Proxy-Authenticate: NTLM
Proxy-Authenticate: BASIC realm="seq_authentication"
Cache-Control: no-cache
Pragma: no-cache
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Proxy-Connection: close
Set-Cookie: BCSI-CS-CE8404F333F49A6F=2; Path=/
Connection: close
Content-Length: 2421
(12:55:39) *proxy:* Connection attempt failed: HTTP proxy connection error
(12:55:39) *account:* Disconnecting account 00CAC758
(12:55:39) *connection:* Disconnecting connection 01B230A0
(12:55:39) *connection:* Destroying connection 01B230A0

Clearly shows all is well until the auth there a fix or will
this need to go on the enhancements list? Iknow I can manually specify the
settings, but as I running the app in portable mode between multiple
environments it would be MUCH easier if it just picked up the client
workstation settings and just I have to manually change the
settings about 4-5 times per day....

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