Pulseaudio and volume control

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	I'm using pidgin-2.5.6 and pulseaudio-0.9.15 and I'm having
difficulty setting the volume of pidgin notification sounds. I use
pavucontrol to set the playback levels for various apps / streams /
whatever. The trouble is that pidgin's sounds are too short for me to be
able to grab onto the volume slider in pavucontrol. Pavucontrol only
displays a volume slider when a sound is being played, so pidgin appears
for a very short period of time, then disappears again.
	After some searching around, I found a post along the same lines
in the pulseaudio mailing list, where the response was that pidgin
should use libcanberra for notification sounds, which would result in
pidgin sounds going through the 'System Sounds' stream / whatever.
'System Sounds' are *always* visible in pavucontrol. I'm not 100%
convinced with this answer however. Personally I would prefer to see
pavucontrol display levels for apps even while they're not playing (
perhaps in another page ).  

Did you suggest this to the pavucontrol authros ?

	Are there any known solutions? Are there any plans to use
libcanberra as per the suggestion mentioned above? Is there any dialog
between pidgin & pulseaudio communities on this issue?
	Thanks :)

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