Interface Annoyance

Kevin Stange kevin at
Wed Jun 10 13:37:22 EDT 2009

Byron Canfield wrote:
> In general, I *LOVE* Pidgin. However, the commandeering of the Ctrl+C
> (otherwise universally "copy") shortcut, with no option to modify, is
> unforgivable!

As far as I know, Ctrl+C is only used for other things where copying and
pasting are generally not even possible (like the buddy list).
Conversation Windows, the status entry box, and most other textual
interface elementals permit copy and paste with those keystrokes,
provided your keybindings are appropriately defined within GTK+

Pidgin takes its root keybindings from your GTK keybinding "theme" and
then applies its own on top of that.  They are virtually all modifiable
using the 'accels' file in your .purple directory (which should only be
edited while Pidgin is not running).

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