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Garry Cole in Taiwan colegg at
Fri Jun 5 03:30:41 EDT 2009

Pidgin Support (horrid name I guess - but most suited too),

Look, I'm just asking right here & now if you or someone there can please make a zip or rar of the latest Pidgin & send to me, cause my current version 295 is telling me an update is ready & asks if I want to download - but security settings on firewall, antivirus & whatever else (yes, multiple security things) won't allow me to download executable files & I'm happy with that security feature .. just like Google Mail won't allow the passing of exe files & some others through their email servers.  Hence, without going to lost of bother, I can't get the latest.

Really though, with your awareness of how security for many is changing quite rapidly & will probably continue to do so, I'm wondering why there's no choice on the download page of a zip, rar or so on .. it'd suit so many who may face what I'm doing right now & really, wouldn't make too much trouble for you people there .. surely.

That's it .. nothing else .. love the program .. but then you'd know that obviously already.

Garry Cole, Taiwan.
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