MSN acting weird!

Adam Seow adam.seow at
Wed Jun 3 03:58:44 EDT 2009


So I was online today and my friend called asking why I was not online and I
said I was. That's how the problem became known. But neither one of us could
see each other. And neither of us had blocked each other. He was using MSN
messenger, and I was, of course, using Pidgin. So I logged into MSN
messenger to see if it was something wrong with my program or his. and he
showed up when I used MSN messenger. I uninstalled Pidgin and reinstalled
and he still wasn't showing up! Other friends on my list were though. As far
as I know, he is the only one that is not showing up on my buddy
now I am really confused about what is going on. Help anyone? Thanks!

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