Problem With XMPP Connection

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Jul 30 16:10:25 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 6:11 AM, Jeff Smith<jeffsmith at> wrote:
> I am having trouble connecting to a local XMPP server.  Others can connect
> with Pidgin, but I can not, and our settings are the same.  Also, I can
> connect to the server using another app (Pandion), so I know a connection
> from my machine is possible.  Pidgin displays "disconnected" and "Read
> Error" when the connection fails.  I've installed the debug release (2.5.8)
> and examined the log file, and there is one parse error early on, followed
> by multiple attempts to connect (DIGEST-MD5 PLAIN ANONYMOUS CRAM-MD5) all
> which are met with not-authorized.  However, I created the account on the
> server with Pidgin and I had it remember the password, so I know the
> password is correct.
> I've attached the log file.  Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.  Thanks.

I don't know why it's failing.  I don't believe the parse error is a
problem--I believe it is an artifact of the original XML stream being
discontinued when the client and server begin the TLS handshake.  I
don't believe Pidgin supports ANONYMOUS login.

I think the big question is why DIGEST-MD5, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 are all
failing.  It does kinda seem like your password might somehow be
wrong...  Maybe there's some incompatibility between the SSL library
Pidgin is using and your jabber server? You could maybe check
Help->About in your Pidgin and in other people's Pidgins and see if
maybe you're using GnuTLS and they're using Network Security Services
or vice versa.


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