login to icq was disabled in Russia since change of protocol on 21 January

n01238 at gmail.com n01238 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 09:41:21 EST 2009

Hello, Support,

login to icq disabled in Russia since change of protocol on 21 January

Quip and miranda made the patch for users of their clients

Unfortunately this issue is only for russian ip's , cause of russian provider of icq build- Rambler asked to change protocol again to deal with their rambler icq 6.5

patch is availiable on miranda  forum

possibly http://persei.miranda.im/files/icq+.patch this is the patch

the message which users received was that they are not using proper client from icq contact #1

 now is ok, just checked logging due this writing, 
possibly was a lot of rumors about this disconnection, and they are afraid of  somebody will sue them

however the issue may come again? be aware please

Also all users of mac yesterday used Adium left without icq..

Thank you for excellent program and please be aware of this issue

Best regards 


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