Joshua McAllister wwjoshdew at
Sat Feb 28 20:31:50 EST 2009

I have converted TWO people over to Pidgin in one day! All because they
wanted to use it for mainly one purpose, facebook! They called me, I walked
them through how to install pidgin, the facebook plugin, and guifications.
AND THEY LOVE IT TO! Portable pidgin is awesome to! And I love the spell
checking, i love the one program instead of aim, yahoo messenger, windows
live, and etc all running at once. So many good things about Pidgin! I used
to use Trillian, but I haven't in a long long time. Thank you so much! I
will get as many people as I possibly can to use Pidgin.

If I remember correctly, I found out about you guys through a RSS feed in
google reader FROM LIFEHACKER. They were doing one of those top 5 things.
Here is where I found out about you gusy,

One thing that would be nice. A way to backup your pidgin. I use MozBackup
for Firefox. Its very awesome, as I have multiple computers. But a really
easy way to backup Pidgin would be nice.
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