Google Talk

Evan Platt evan at
Thu Feb 12 19:30:54 EST 2009

So you've added an account, Google Talk as the protocol, use your 
google mail username, domain is ?

What error are you getting? This works fine for me.

At 04:12 PM 2/12/2009, you wrote:
>Help a sister out!
>Ok, so we are in a mixed computer environment.  We have both PC's 
>and Mac's.  Well for the Mac's we are able to use Ichat for our 
>chatting needs.  We enter our email addresses (using gmail for 
>organizations) and it utilizes the jabber protocol.  So, we were on 
>the search for a PC friendly platform that will allow us to use our 
>gmail addresses to chat.
>When we found Pidgin we thought this would solve our problem, but 
>when we downloaded the platform on the first PC, we were not able to 
>get the google talk platform to work.  Could you please help 
>me?  I've checked the FAQ's but don't understand why I can't get it 
>to work.  We really don't want to make people have to create new 
>ID's when we have google talk already (via our gmail for organizations id's).
>Please contact me and let me know how to fix this.  We would love to 
>use pidgin for our PC users.

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