How to get pidgin working behind a ISA firewall/Proxy (The Solution)

Brendan Breetzke wakzyon at
Tue Feb 10 08:43:25 EST 2009

Howzit ,

I have always had a problem with PIDGIN when connecting to the internet
behind a Microsoft ISA firewall/proxy.
The reason for this is that the ports that all different IM channels use on
PIDGIN connect by using a SSL tunnel on none standard ports

The standard SSL port is 443. and by default ISA does not allow you to
connect using any other port EG 5050 which the Yahoo client in pidgin uses,
without telling it to do so.
and you have to use a script to be able to do it.

After alot of googleing and trial and error I have found a solution to
problem and I have to share it to help some poor sod like me and I though
well let me send the solution to the people who gave us Pidgin

First of all the Script

you can download it at* ""
*it is called the *"ISA Tunnel Port Tool"*

save it to a location on your ISA box and then run a a CSCRIPT command

eg to unlock port 5050 for Yahoo you must run     CSCRIPT "NAME OF THE JS

I saved my file as "*isa_port.js*"

so my Cscript looked like this CSCRIPT isa_port.js /add port5050 5050

Then you have to stop all the services and the start them again you can do
this in the ISA console.

when the script runs it will look something like this


Brendan Breetzke
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