To know if someone closed the chat window

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Feb 7 16:53:35 EST 2009

Etdashou wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think someone once said that it is impossible to know if someone have
> closed the msn window. Like have a message: "Gino has closed the
> conversation window" or "Gino opened a chat window".
> I think someone said we cannot know that. But within aMSN we can (at least I
> think we can because we have message saying that).
> Is it something we can add within Pidgin?
> Thank you

It's impossible to reliably know on MSN.  The "window closed" notifications are
based on the MSN Switchboard connection, which closes after 60 seconds of
inactivity, so it is therefore inaccurate.  This is why we removed this capability.


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