IM Forwarding on Pidgin for Yahoo & MSN Accounts

Evan Platt evan at
Fri Feb 6 19:51:55 EST 2009

I unfortunately don't have a 'solution' for you (never experimented 
with the forward), but what I personally do is have a different IM 
account for say home, work, and mobile.

So if someone wants to reach me at home, they'll know I'd be online 
as <usernameAtHome>, if they want to reach me at work, I'm 
<usernameAtWork>, or on my cell phone as <UsernameMobile>. Not really 
a fix, but a suggestion... :)

At 02:41 PM 2/6/2009, you wrote:
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>I have been having issues getting Pidgin to set my Yahoo and MSN 
>accounts to forward to my mobile phone when I exit the Pidgin 2.5.4 
>application on my PC. If I set IM Forwarding using Windows 
>Messenger, and sign off from that application, it forwards my 
>messages to my mobile device, however the next time I sign on with 
>Pidgin, and sign off, pidgin does not set my MSN account to mobile, 
>and I appear offline to MSN users.
>Is there a way to get this to work? For Yahoo or MSN?
>Or should I just download a multi account messenger client for my 
>cell phone and sign onto my Yahoo and MSN accounts from my cell when 
>I'm not on a PC?
>Just to note, Pidgin forwards IM's from my AIM accounts just fine. 
>No dice for Yahoo or MSN accounts though.
>I just want to be accessible all the time! =)

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