Can't get buddy list started

Kevin Stange kevin at
Wed Feb 4 20:15:41 EST 2009

Gary Ruxton wrote:
> I think I get it now. It isn't my account, it is as:
> (<snip>) also told me at the same time you e-mailed me.
> The buddy has to also have an MSN type address. When
> I read the following in the help area of the program:
> This depends on the protocol.
>     * AIM: Go to this website.
>     * MSN (including Hotmail email):Go to
>     * MSN (using your own email address): Go to
> I thought when it said "(using your own email address)", that meant all
> other
> e-mail domains, which it doesn't. So that means with your address, you
> would need to have an additional yahoo or MSN... address to actually use
> Pidgin, right?

That's actually not correct.  With MSN, there is no restriction as to
which domain you may use.  Usernames can be any email address.  In fact,
none of mine are at Microsoft's domains.  Evan Platt's information was
completely inaccurate.

What does have to be the case is that you have an MSN / Windows Live
Messenger account of some kind with an email address and password, then
you will need to add that account in Pidgin, and once connected, you
will be able to add any person's email address if they have registered
an MSN account with it.


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