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I no longer have a u3, but I use pidgin portable, which is a similar
project. What you're probably going to need to do is find the plugin
directory in the u3. If I remember this is an apps folder, a random
digit folder and then the program name..
([drive]\apps\....\pidgin\plugins -- Which I know doesn't help too
much). But try to search for plugins or pidgin on the u3 drive and
locate the plugins directory, then you can change the install dir on
encryption plugin to the same one as you found in previous steps. The
other way is to install this to pidgin on hd and copy the dll from one
to the other

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ok i just got a sandisk jumpdrive wtih u3 on it and i downloaded pidgin
becuase hey i like it already now im trying to install a thirdparty addon
how would I go about doing this the addon in question is   your help would be realy
apreasheated o and this os is xp  and also vista there shouldnt be a

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