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Vladimir Kraljevic ooydoboora at
Fri Feb 27 18:05:59 EST 2009

So I typed & got to teh
FAQ, which says: "Jabber and XMPP are the same protocol. There is no
difference." (

Then, there's "Getting Started" ( ), "#
XMPP (Jabber): This will depend on the server in question. All Jabber
servers use the XMPP account type. Go to for some public Jabber
servers or visit Google Talk's account creation page" ( ), etc.

It shouldn't be too hard, right?!?? :)


On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 11:57 PM, Charles E. Perkins
<charliep at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I regret being clueless.  I have tried a dozen ways to make
> this work, but I have not yet been able to figure it out.
> I have a gmail account.  Is that enough to get Jabber to
> work?  If so, what server do I indicate?  what resource?
> If not, can anyone recommend a Jabber server that works?
> I tried several, all failing miserably.  I tried requiring SSL,
> I checked the box to create a new account, I tried various
> (numerous!) permutations.  I googled "starting Jabber" and
> many other permutations.
> Do I need to set up a specific Jabber account _before_
> trying to get Pidgin to have access to the account?
> Any help will be appreciated, even if it is only the suggestion
> to go read an actually useful page on the web.  I've gone
> through a lot of them, and up until now have stopped
> short of installing other Jabber clients -- on the theory that
> Pidgin probably is working just fine if I could just figure out
> how to use it.
> Once I somehow get my Jabber account configured into
> my Pidgin client, I am _guessing_ that I should be able to
> select the XMPP account as the correct protocol to use
> when I make use of the "Add Buddy" feature.  Is this
> correct?  Or do I have to do something more esoteric
> and opaque to put Jabber-minded colleagues in my list
> of buddies?
> Thanks in advance,
> Charlie P.
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