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Alec Wells elcheeserpuff at
Tue Feb 24 13:34:31 EST 2009

Hello, I would like to start by saying that I am very happy with pidgin and
the service it provides. The program works soundly and is just what I need.

What I need assistance with is something that I can't seem to find in the
"User Guide". I have frequently seen people typing in 'third person'. There
seems to be a way to add three astricts to the front of one's screen name,
change the name color, and add a sentence on the end of the screen name all
at once. Now, I'm sure I'm not being very clear here so I'll show an

A friend will type a message and it will appear as such;

"(1:17:25 PM) ***Mack is a nerd"

when I try copying it comes out as

"(1:17:27 PM) Alec: ***is confused"

I'm obviously doing something wrong here, I just don't understand what it
is. And trust me, I'd ask my friend how she does it but she seems to think
that it's fun to keep me in the dark, haha.

I realize that this isn't a problem, let alone an urgent problem, so please
take your time responding, I'm in no rush what-so-ever. Thank you for taking
time in reading my problems.
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