Insert CONFIRMATION for Clear Scrollback perhaps?

Tri Huynh tr1_huynh at
Sun Feb 15 22:40:13 EST 2009

i was wondering if you can perhaps put a Confirmation if i "accidently" click Clear Scrollback by mistake.

EX. something that asks the person if they are sure they want to delete the scrollback or previous history.

The problem is i have firefox open and sometimes i think that window is active but the IM window is actually active instead. So when i press Ctrl+L to activate the search bar on firefox, it clears my conversation instead, sometimes of which i haven't even read yet.

It's not a major problem but i figure it could be of some use becuz it could accidently happen to others. 

Anyways, thanks for reading and keep up the good work guys ^_^. This client is awesome

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